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Oceanic Logistics

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Oceanic Communications Limited packaage
ဖုန်းနံပါတ် : 09-450051977, 09-785787575
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At its core, Oceanic is a logistics company. With an accumulated expertise provided by our years of experience, we can manage an entire stock procurement process with unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From ordering and receiving delivery to securely storing to fulfilling and finally shipping the end product, Oceanic is proficient in every step in getting your product to market. Our real-time reporting offerings keep you up to date and informed at each stage as your product moves from the manufacturer right through to the end consumer. Oceanic can manage any or all parts of your sales channel. We can deliver in bulk to you or ship directly to your customers and offer a wide variety of order receipt options, including EDI and web-based. Oceanic will manage the relationships with suppliers, retail customers and end users and our dedicated finance teams can ensure smooth payment reconciliations.

: Services
: ship directly
Oceanic Service
: Procurement, Fulfilment, Logistics, Channel Management, Distribution
Oceanic product
: Electronic Distribution, Mobile CPE, Consumer Electronics, Quick Sell, B2B Sales Portal
Oceanic's Suppliers
: Apple, Samsung, Alcatel And Nokia

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