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Junction Box


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  • A junction box is used in building construction and consists of a square box or housing that provides protection and a safety barrier for electrical connections. These boxes are made from metal or plastic and form part of your home or other building's electrical wiring system.

Juntion Box 

လူေနအေဆာက္အဦမ်ား စက္ရံုအလုပ္ရံုမ်ားႏွင့္ မီးေလာင္ေပါက္ကြဲႏိုင္ေသာ ပါတ္ဝန္းက်င္အေနအထားရွိသည့္ လုပ္ငန္းမ်ားတြင္ လိုအပ္ခ်က္ႏွင့္လိုက္ေလ်ာညီေထြသည့္ Junction Boxes မ်ားကို အသံုးျပဳပါသည္။ ဝါယာႀကိဳးမ်ားအား ထိန္းခ်ဳပ္စနစ္ထည့္သြင္းအသံုးျပဳရာတြင္ လိုအပ္ေသာ ပစၥည္းျဖစ္ပါသည္။