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Lightning Protection


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1- Lightning rod system provides external lightning protection. For protecting the electronical system of the area, internal lightning protection system must be installed.

2- The grounding resistance must be max 0,5 ohm for trouble-free operation of lightning rod.

3- Grounding system should be checked and report every 3 months and the grounding resistance must be max 0,5 ohm for troube-free operation of lightning rod. This control report should be approved by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

4- After installation process lightning protection system should not be change, modify replace by unauthorised people.

5- If there is any kind of fault on the product; It must be reported the distributor. problems have to be solved according to distributor manufactures instructions.

6- Instaltion of the lightning protection system must be made under an electrical engineers supervision who is spesialised on lightning protecion.

7- Down conductors must be monolithic.

8-Lightning counter must be used in every lightning protection terminal. Lightning counter is a harmonised device with the lightning rod. Lightning count must be checked and registered to every report.

9- Down conductors conductivity must be at highest level. If the copper down conducter gets oxidated it must be renewed or deoxidized.

10- Down conductors of the lightning protection terminal must be 25x3-30x2 copper strips and 50mm pure copper conductors. Pure copper electrolitic earthing rods must be used.

11- There must be a test clip in every terminal.

12- If the installation has not been mounted according to the instructions, the product is out of warranty.

13- If the lightning protection systems has modifed by unauthorised people, the product is out of warranty.

14- If the original accessories has not been used, the product is out of warranty.

15- Our 30 years of warranty contains stainless materials durability agains rust.

16- OLP series's electromechanic material is under warranty for 5 years; OSLP and OPLP series's electronic and electromechanic materials are under warranty for 2 years.

17- This warranty has been composed from 17 articles and if the implement has not been made according to this articles the product will not be covered with warranty.