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Petrol Compression Tester


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cylinder pressure gauge Will spark plug out of a single, connected to the cylinder pressure gauge, joint joint in the spark plug the hole. Go to measure engine cylinder pressure to determine the car engine is normal or have a problem reference check out the adjacent two cylinder cylinder compression pressure value than the same standard low words is cylinder bed gasket destroyed or cylinder cover cylinder bed surface rough and cause airtight bad. 1, function: special used to check cylinder gas compression pressure the size of the instrument. 2, the way of use: (1) start engine and running to normal operating temperature, such as engine flameout and stop after operation, remove all spark plug; (2) the envoy valve fully open, the connection of gauge head pressure in the spark plug hole; (3) using motor drive the engine to 100-150 r/min speed rotation 3-5 seconds. The instrument of pointer on will gradually rise, to a numerical namely will stop, the indicated value is cylinder compression pressure; (4) a button, make the pointer to zero; (5) according to the above steps, repeated measurement 2 ~ 3 times, in order to improve the measurement precision. (6) general car cylinder pressure > 0.9 MPa, and train < 8% (each cylinder pressure difference, gasoline engine not more than the average 8% of each cylinder pressure). Such as the measured value is less than the specified value, and air intake system normal, the cylinder and the piston and cylinder head exist leakage, possible bound cylinder, piston, valve, piston ring appear wear away, ablation and other bad situation. Such as the measured value is greater than the specified value, and the exhaust system is normal, the possible reasons for combustion chamber serious product .