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Pro Lectro Epilator


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The newly designed Pro-Lectro Epilator constitutes a major refinement in instrumentation for the long-lasting removal of unwanted eyelashes. The Pro-Lectro is simple to operate, effective for removal of troublesome eyelashes. An adjustable direct current meter delivers the optimal current to destroy the follicle. The instrument employs the basic principle of electrolysis, through battery power. Key Benefits: -Permanent solution: Electrolyis removes irritating lashes permanently. -Useful for patients with Trichiasis or Distichiasis. -Convenient and lightweight: Battery operated, handheld case with ergonomic aluminum handpiece. -Reliable power: Digital readout provides precise control over power levels -Eligible for reimbursement: Most insurance carriers should provide reimbursement under CPT Code 67825 for Epilation The Pro-Lectro™ Epilator includes: (1) Aluminum handpiece (2) Digital epilator (3) 12 single-use stainless steel micro-stylets (0.004") (4) 12 single-use solid gel electrodes (5) Electrode connector cable (6) Instructions for use (7) Plastic carrying case (8) Two 9V batteries