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Respironics Cough Assist T70


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Redefining non-invasive secretion clearance to improve patient lives.An effective cough is critical to keep airways clearFor those unable to cough or effectively clear secretions, deep suctioning is often used to clear the airway.Invasive suction methods can be uncomfortable for the patient and have been linked to complications such as hypoxia,tissue damage and infection.The CoughAssist E70 provides an effective yet remarkably gentle non-invasive alternative for use in the hospital and at home. >>Cough Assist therapy clears airways for longer periods of time than tracheal suctioning and with fewer complications. Targeted patients I. Patients with Neuromuscular Diseases and Spinal Injuries * Muscular dystrophy(Duchenne) * Myasthenia gravis * Poliomyelitis * Spinal cord Injury * Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS) * Bronchiectasis * Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) II. ICU environment – enlarged to obstructive patients that behave like restrictive patients. Improving airway secretion removal-CoughAssist therapy has been clinically proven to increase peak cough expiratory flows and reduce recurrent respiratory infections.The integrated Cough-Trak algorithm aids device titration and patient synchronization, helping both comfort and compliance.Adjustable oscillation levels enhance bronchociliary mobilization of the debris or mucus and increase the benefits of therapy.Treatment integrated with the patient's life.An intuitive interface and large color monitor make it easier to assess treatment and fine-tune device settings to improve therapy efficacy and comfort.Device settings can be locked so that parameters cannot be inadvertently changed during treatment.Mains or battery powered, the Cough Assist E70 is a truly portable solution, offering patients increased freedom and support. Introducing new tools for close follow-up at homePeak Cough Flow and Tidal Volume are displayed after each cycle.SpO2 and heart rate monitoring at rest gives instant feedback on therapy efficacy.An SD card records therapy data for extended follow-up.Compatibility with EncorePro 2 and DirectView Software gives a complete view of therapy.Contents of CoughAssist Pack. 1.CoughAssist E70 Device. 2.Foot Pedal 3. Oximetry Interface Kit 4. Detachable Battery 5. Patient Circuit (Bacterial Filter, Circuit Tubing, Adapter, Face Mask).Accessories-Patient circuit (Bacterial Filter, Circuit Tubing,Adapter, Face Mask).