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Fully equipped facility by individual dwelling house or similar-sized water supply system. Used for systems with open water sources, ie wells, talpyklom and so on. The device is fitted with a self-priming pump. Maksimaluspasiurbimo depth of 7m. When installing siurblįtoliau from the well, each 10m horizontal distance reduces the suction depth of 1m, eg .: the pump is mounted 15m away from the well, the maximum suction depth 5,5m. There are two designs: 1. 25 L. expansion vessel second With 50 l. expansion vessel The unit is supplied fully assembled and ready to use, you just have to connect to the pipeline and electric power supply. Gaminiųpakuotė- monochrome corrugated cardboard with the product name and identification number sticker. Each pallet - 12 hydrophores. Structural Features of the device: • Pump hydraulics, stainless steel, avoiding rūdžiųatsiradimo hydraulic part • manometer pressure transducer and plastic as well as corrosion resistant